Reverb Roasters

Meet the Owners


Abi Bullington

I love coffee, and have basically lived at Avenue Coffee Memphis for the past 3 years where they sell ReVerb. After becoming friends with our head roaster, and finding out that it might have moved out of Memphis, we knew we couldn’t let it go. So I bought it with my two best friends!
A little about me - I’m a coffee-loving, active traveler. I’m a lover of words, and sometime writer of poetry. I’ve lived in Memphis for the past 3 years, and have grown to love this city and the passion in it so much. Before owning ReVerb, I was a special education teacher for the past 3 years. Two years ago, I married my best friend, Chad. I love to be creative, and have a heart for people.


Chad Bullington

Hey, Chad here. I discovered Avenue Coffee during my freshman year at University of Memphis, and ReVerb has been special to me ever since. I got into coffee because of my brother-in-law, who has made pour-overs part of his life rhythm. He works to always make a better cup and his drink crafting always pairs well with building relationships. I LOVE learning and I love people, so specialty coffee is perfect. I took a few brew classes, became friends with the Zach (our head roaster) and have been learning nonstop since.
I’ve been in Memphis for 5 years and am currently an engineer working in sourcing for an international company, which has let me learn about keeping a clean supply chain. I’m pumped to work on molding this business to affect people positively from farmer to customer.
When I’m off the clock, catch me climbing, creating, traveling, finding good eats, and enjoying good chats.


Isaac Wuest

Hey, I’m Isaac! I’ve known Abi and Chad for years, so when they told me about the opportunity to join the Reverb team, I was super excited to be a part of it! There’s nothing I find more fun than pouring everything I have into learning something new.
I travel between Nashville and Memphis, and when I’m not working on Reverb I’m working as a product manager in tech. I’m passionate about learning, climbing, music, and teaching... but roasting coffee is a new love of mine. I respect the nuances and the art, and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of bringing you an improved form of caffeine!